Me Time… Finding time to refocus


Do you ever feel like life is way to much to handle at one time? I mean everytime you get over one thing its another? Well that has been my life for the past few weeks of June and can I just say I am so ready to get to July! And thats not because its my birthday coming up then but because I need a much needed break from life. Just a few moments to catch my breath and take inventory on my mental and physical wellbeing. It is very important to take a little “me time” and regroup and get your thoughts and focus back together again. I am so looking forward to my mental break coming up soon.  I don’t know where Im headed yet but Im sure where ever I end up I will be relaxing to the fullest and my phone turned off ( which is hard for me).  Oh and lets not forget I will have a much needed drink to help me relax also.. hmm maybe a little roomservice..hmmm Im thinking…. I just may have figured out where I want to go… I will definitely be sure to let you guys know where I ended up going…. Oh back to the part about my I definitely can’t wait til that day comes I am going to celebrate big since I spent my birthday last year at home with my family. I love them but this year I have to make up for last year in a big way! It will be something fun and intimate with my friends to celebrate another year of the fabulous

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  1. April Williams says:

    I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!! I’ve been like this for the last year and a half!!! I’m trying get way from reality for awhile! I want life to slow down!!! Can I go too! Keep me updated on your bday plans!

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