Get uncomfortable with your life!

bucket list
Where is your bucket list??? 🙂

As I was talking to a friend today we were discussing making a bucket list. I hadn’t thought to write one but when she mentioned it i agreed that we should. For those of you that don’t know what a bucket list is, it is a list of things that you want to do before you die. No matter how crazy or irrational it is if you want to do it put it on your list. Of course me being modest I began writing easy things down that I wanted to do then as I began thinking i was like this list looks like a rather boring life ! So I went back to the drawing bored and came up with some rather off the wall things that I secretly wanted to do!  I know that my list is never going to be complete because as you go through life you will always run across something different and interesting that you want to try!

My goal is to get out of my comfort zone and into doing things that are just not ordinary in my life. I think it is good to step out of the ordinary sometimes and just live life! I have a friend that I admire so much because she is always doing something exciting and getting out of her comfort zone. So as I write this I am already thinking of outrageous things that I want to do and that I am going to add to my bucket list! Do you have some outrageous things on your bucket list? Have you marked anything off yet on your list? If not get to writing!!!

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