Have you spent time with your Girlfriends lately?


Its always refreshing to spend a little time with the girlfriends! They give you a chance to let your hair down and talk about your whats bothering you and just have a little fun! I always enjoy a nite with the girls to do things that men otherwise don’t do! Its important to get away and talk out your feelings without being judged with your girlfriends. I love the fact that when I hang out with the girls one person will say they are having this problem then everyone will say you too? lol It lets us know that its not just us that are having the issues but everyone else too! And when you are hanging out with the girls you can do a lot of things you wouldn’t normally do! Some women like to take yearly girlfriend trips while others like to make it a monthly thing and hang out! i can’t wait til my girlfriends and I have our girls nite I know it will be a blast! Hopefully we can take a girls weekend trip somewhere exciting! I have been telling them we have got to get it planned so we can do it but in the meantime we meet up for brunch and enjoy the quick moments that we can with our busy lives! It seems the older I get the busier I get and sometimes my friends have to remind me to breathe and take a break. What kind of girls nite or weekend do you have? Any special adventures or tips to share for planning a girls weekend?

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