Is Going Natural For You??




While everyone is going through the natural phase now days I have to wonder is it just a phase or are we really into having natural hair? Let me just say I tried to talk myself into got natural but needless to say I needed to do some more research! I thought that it would be such a breeze to have my hair natural and that I would be able to rock all those afrocentric styles at the snap of a finger. But it didn’t happen that way at all! In fact After the 3rd month I was looking crazy and my hair was too! Transitioning is the hardest thing ever! If you don’t have a plan going into being natural you will ultimately fail! I know because I It is a big decision when you decide to wear your hair in its natural state as it takes months of caring and finding the right products to fit you hair needs. i would definitely recommend a stylist to help you with this phase so that you can transition easy. after my first attempt at going natural I now know that you have to have a plan in place to succeed and have your mind set on the goal of becoming 100% natural. One celebrity that I admire with her versatile styles is Jill Scott. Jill seems to be able to manage and maintain her hair in its natural state. I was just admiring her many looks and she gave me a little motivation that one day I to will be able to rock that fro or go to straight hair or braids. She definitely has set a standard for us women who love natural hair. ┬áSo Now I will place ┬áJill’s picture on my vision board for inspiration when I am ready to go for that goal of going natural.!

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