Are You Afraid of being Quiet? Is silence a good thing?

You know the ones who can’t be quiet for five minutes. They feel like they have to say something to fill the air no matter if its the truth or a lie. Like if nothing is said then something is wrong. Often times silence is needed to think and to hear that little voice within. Sometimes its good to have silence even in the middle of an argument! It allows both of you to think about what each other is saying and to calm down from being angry.No one can talk and hear at the same time and if you both are talking whats the point? Silence can also mean that you are listening. We all want others to hear what we are saying but wouldn’t it be smart to listen? We as Americans have a habit of talking over others because we think that if we fill that space up with words then it won’t seem so awkward. But the fact is the more that some of us talk the more we need to be quiet! Sometimes we tend to tell to much when there is no need to really talk anymore. Do you consider being quiet as a weakness? Or do you consider it a strength?

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