Rose Courvoisier Party!


I know you guys remember this song! This was the jam!  Well recently I got a great opportunity to host a Rose` Courvoiser Summer Party at my home this past weekend! It was so much fun trying a new drink and learning about all my friends new and old!  The Rose` I must say is fabulous! I tried it straight and mixed and I definitely have myself a new drink! The Rose` mixed with the itailian wine was a hit and everyone enjoyed  it to the last drop! I really did enjoy every step of planning this party even down to me working it out on the grill by myself! S/N there was a couple of hotdogs that didnt make it but i got it under control! I can’t remember the last time I was on the grill bc I normally have my brother to throw down and show off his cooking skills. But all was not lost because I did a great job getting things ready along with my sister who also helped me set things up! Thanks sis! I hope all my guest enjoyed the party and yes I will throw another one soon as I recoup from this one! We were up til 6 am partying! I would like to thank for the opportunity to showcase this new product and for the great grab bag that came with the party!



Me the host! Tired after a hard day on the grill and the party hasn’t even begun!

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