Are You Getting in Your Own Way? Challenges of Reaching Your Goals and the life you want

Today as I was doing my usual browsing and working, I realized that many people stand in there own way of reaching their own goals. They sabotage relationships, jobs, and plans without even knowing what they are doing. Many times they will give the excuse of well it wasn’t for me or they let fear get in the way and end up backing down from what they really want out of life. People like this tend to live in constant fear of rejection and always thinking that they don’t deserve to be happy. They also tend to think that others are sabotaging them and are always having constant haters.

Im here to tell you that the only hater that you have is yourself. Yea there are bad people who will get jealous but if you are determined to reach your goal then these people should not matter. Having these types of mindset will  keep you from reaching your dreams for sure and will have you wondering why all your friends have moved on and are getting the life that they want.  I recently picked up a great book by Tyrese Gibson called How to Get Out Of Your Own Way. I must say that Tyrese gives it to you straight in this book. He tells an amazing story of how he figured out how to get out of his own way and how he wanted to help others to achieve this as well. He said that he just didn’t feel like he should keep such a blessing like that to himself. I really admire that about him it is important to always give back and teach others what you know, this to me shows humbleness. I really enjoyed reading this book as It resonates to a lot of people including me that can use a lesson about getting out of your own way.


I encourage you to purchase this book if you haven’t already because How To Get Out Of Your Own Way is a book worth reading! Now my only wish is to get an autographed copy signed by him! I would so love that! Great Job Tyrese!!!!!

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