Wine over Beer? Whats your drink of choice


Lets face it we get older and we like to try new things or we drink certain drinks for the sake of blending in with the crowd. Studies have recently shown that Americans prefer wine over beer. What a change considering Americans love there beer. so what is it that is changing our drink choice? Is it a better selection or an aging society that prefers wine of kegs of beer. Personally I think it has to do with media and how wine is perceived. For some wine is considered high class and with the rappers and singers and celebs drinking wine and not beer that would have something to do with the change in drink choice. For myself I definitely can say that as I got older my drink choices changed drastically. Now days you can catch me with a glass of Chardonnay or a glass of Merlot just depending on the mood.  When I was younger I used to do the hard liquors and beer but i didn’t like the way I felt drinking them so I switched to wine because it was  what I could handle. Every now and then I go back but i am mostly into wines.  So what is your drink of choice? Beer or wine? Why do you drink one or the other? 

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2 Responses to “Wine over Beer? Whats your drink of choice”

  1. Meiqua S. says:

    Girl, give me a glass of wine any day! I hate beer! I think my dad made me hate beer because he used to let us take a sip every now and then and I couldn’t stand it back then so I never even bothered trying it again! I love me some wine though, much smoother taste and it makes me feel SO GROWN UP! LOL! I’ve always thought beer was for boys because a lady sips and you can only sip on WINE lol!

    • alena says:

      I like wine but every once in a while when im hanging with the boys i will drink a little beer! normally its accompanied by some wings though… but i drink more wine than beer for sure..

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