Know Your Worth and Stop Settling for Less than you Deserve!


Why is it that we as women tend to try and take care of everyone else instead of ourselves. We get married or have kids and we completely forget that we exist. How many times have you taken a job but know that you are worth a lot more than they are paying you. Did you negotiate for a better deal? Sometimes we have to speak up and get recognized for what we deserve. Letting people take advantage of you and  being unhappy and miserable is not the way to take back your life. Granted some situations do cause for you to not be selfish but keep in mind that you want to be happy too. Find a happy medium where you can get it done without sacrificing yourself.

As I have entered my thirty somethings, I have began to live my life and not try to live my life for others. I found that pleasing everyone else was not making me happy and I was not reaching my dreams living for others. So one day I decided that I was going to live for me because I am worth it and that I would not settle for less than I deserved. Since making that decision a few years ago, I have evolved and I am still evolving into a woman of greatness. I am learning that everything will not go my way but there is more than one way to get where I need to be. ┬áToday I hope that you too will take a look at your worth and not settle for living someone else’s dreams!

Enjoy your Life Today!!!

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