The Weightloss Battle


An ongoing struggle will happen at some point in our lives where we have to battle some weightloss. Its a struggle that many Americans are having now days including me. In my quest for #teamweightloss I have found that being consistent is a must. Working out and eating right is definitely a lifestyle change. It is something that you have to make a part of your routine and constantly requires you to make the right decisions on what you eat and what you do.  One of the other things that I have found is stepping out of your comfort zone makes you do more and reflects a more positive image of  pushing yourself to do more. Discovering new things that you have never tried before is refreshing and exciting! In my #teamweightloss challenge I am also seeing that the benefits of eating right and what you eat can affect you all around. For example eating light meals tend to not make you feel as tired and groggy. So I have been trying not to eat such heavy meals and eat just enough to satisfy my hunger but not to make myself too full. In your Journey for weightloss you will discover many different tricks to help motivate you and move you in the right direction.  One thing for sure is when you have motivation to lose weight you will definitely lose it by any means necessary.

what are you secrets to losing weight? what helped to motivate you to lose weight? I would love to know !

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