Giving up is not an option… Ways to stay Motivated to reach your goals

Don’t Give Up! You are almost at reaching your goal and succeeding! We all want to throw in the towel when times get rough but its important to maintain focus and keep that drive going so that you may reach your dreams and goals.  Staying focused is one of the most important things to remember when going through rough times. I have also included a few other tips to help keep you motivated to reaching your goals. 

1. Find an accountability partner or mentor to help you reach your goal. It can be a close friend or some one that you admire. These people are important and will hold you accountable for reaching your goals as well as giving advice if you need it in reaching your goals.

2. surround your self with like minded positive people that are aiming to reach success as well. Having friends that are motivated and striving to reach similar goals is very important. These people will often motivate you without having to say much about what it is they are doing. You see them working hard and seeing that their hard work is paying off this helps encourage you to keep going and pushing towards steps to create and achieve your dreams.

3. Create a Vision board to help you see where you want to go. Some of us are visual people meaning we like to see things in front of us to help motivate us to move in the right direction.  Having a vision board that has pictures or affirmations of things you desire to do and goals you are trying to reach is important. It is something that you can visually see and therefore will make your goals more realistic to you.

4. have monthly goals that you are working towards each month to help you keep track of where you should be.  If your dreams are big you will need to break them down create small steps each month that will lead to you reaching your dream. If you just have one big dream but no starting steps or mini goals to reach then you tend to start giving up and use the excuse that the dream or goal is too big.  To avoid this start with small steps that lead to the bigger picture that way you can reach them easily.


Take these four steps into consideration when you feel like giving up and they will definitely keep you motivated. We all need some encouraging and a little push to get us through to the end result of reaching our goal.

What are some of the things you do to stay encouraged at reaching your goals?

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