Chef G. Garvin’s new show “Georgia Road Trip”


I love me some Chef G. Garvin! When that man gets in the kitchen and starts cooking you cant tell him nothing! And you know he has those southern roots by the slang he uses when he cooks.. that language that only us southern folks know.. lol  Well now Chef G has a new show on that Cooking channel called “Georgia Road Trip”. The show will feature great Georgia restuarants that you may not have heard of. The concept of the show is to get some recognition to those restuarants that not many people know about but that has the best cuisine around. What an awesome concept and a great way to show of the great state of Georgia! I will definitely be tuning in to see just where Chef G Garvin will end up around Georgia.

P.S. Be sure to check out some of G Garvin’s cookbooks that are sure to have you turning that oven on and cooking some great dishes!


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