Remembering Tupac 15 years later

Its been 15 years since Tupac left us. Wow does time fly… And not a day goes by that we don’t miss his rhymes in the rap game. I still remember the day that he died. I was in highschool and boy did we take that news hard. Such a talented man gone before his time for a senseless killing. Tupac knew that his time with us was short and he spent countless hours in the study writing and producing tracks that still to this day we have not heard. How can someone with that much talent leave us so soon. We will never know the answer but what he did leave us with was a reality that many people in our country didn’t want to see. I can say that Tupac and others changed the rap game forever. Today I leave you with one of my favorites out of many of Tupac’s long list of hits.

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