Feel Good Friday… Friday Night Football

Okay my friends Its Feel Good Friday and all I have on my mind is football! I am so loving this season the highschool , college, professional. I am just loving all of it much more this year. Maybe because there was almost no NFL is the reason or just a sign of me loving the game. But today I wanted to give a personal shout out to all of those that make it happen on Friday. Saturday, and Sunday in the fall. The fall season is always amazing and I look forward to my weekends oh so much. I think this love came from me when I joined the marching band  in 9th grade and I learned the games and the calls and I loved cheering my team on from the stands. Its just something about cheering and getting excited to see your team win a battle on the field.  Just thinking about this has gotten me excited and I can’t wait to catch my games this weekend! Hope you guys Enjoy your Feel Good Friday with a little sports!


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