Have you Checked your Baggage Lately??


Is your load getting heavier as you go to relationship to relationship? Carrying Baggage into new relationships can harm a budding relationship because you base everything on past  hurt. Realizing that we must unload some of our burdens so that we may move on is the only way to getting and receiving the life you want and deserve.  when you take baggage from relationship to relationship it can become more of a burden carrying that stuff around. Just think about if you had to carry heavy bags everywhere you went. Your arms would be pretty sore and soon you would get tired of dragging all those bags around. I have learned that i must keep the load light in order to get where I need to be quicker and to have a more rewarding life.  Check your baggage and see what you need to get rid of to lighten the load in your life! in the meantime check out one of my favorite Artist Erykah Badu.

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