UM Outdoor Journey Fall Hot Air Balloon Rides

For some reason this year I have grown a great interest in the Hot Air Balloons. When I was younger we would go to Callaway Gardens for their annual Hot Air Balloon festival. I loved looking at them in the air with all the beautiful colors behind the blue sky.  Now that Im older I am wanting to actually get in the Hot Air Balloon and check out the views from the sky. I think now is the right time to do it with the leaves changing colors and the weather being much cooler than this summer heat we have had.  This is something thats on my bucket list that I would love to check off.   Lately I have been trying to mark off some things on my bucket list since me and my girlfriends have decided we needed to start on our list. So this is the perfect season and time for me to explore that wish and get to it!  How do you feel about hot air balloons?


what have you checked off so far on your bucket list?


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