Hip Hop Corner: Young Jeezy’s New Album…. Still waiting for the release date


The most anticipated album of the year for me has got to be Young Jeezy’s TM103 ..  I have been patiently waiting for about 2years now for my crush Jeezy to drop this album. What is it about Jeezy that I like? I would have to say his realness in what he says. Its nothing fake about what he says to me he speaks from what he knows and thats the truth.  Jeezy was recently asked what the hold up was for his new album and he replied that he had been doing his rap thing for the past couple years and had not been in the streets doing his “Jeezy” biz.  So he said he had to go back to the streets to get his inspiration to finish this album.  I hope he has gotten enough inspiration because we are patiently waiting for this album to drop because I know its going to be a hit. He currently has 2 singles out now Ballin featuring Lil Wayne and Shake life.  


P.S If you didn’t know I was a Young Jeezy Fan just ask my friends. They will surely tell you thats whats in rotation at all times with me. lol

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