Join me in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk


One of my fellow bloggers and good friend Alicia of Da Queen of Kings has started a team  for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk sponsored by the American Cancer Society. I am so excited about being able to join in such a great cause and excercising at the same time. This has prompted me to beging looking for some great sneakers to wear so that my feet are comfortable on this long 5k walk. I have been needing new sneakers for a while so now I have an excuse to go ahead and buy them. Having the right shoes makes a big difference in your workout, I have had to learn that the hard way over the years. Shoes that support your arch and that have enough cushion in them seem to work best.  There is a lot to consider when buying sneakers and for me comfort is the most important. If they are not comfortable then they will never get worn and then you end up with shoes that you never use.  So this time I am going to make sure that my shoes are comfortable and will help keep my arches from aching.


here is one of my choices for shoes I am a Nike’s girl for sure.. I love how they feel on  my feet. I have tried other sneakers but its just something about Nike’s that keep me coming back.  I picked white because I often times have to wear scrubs to work and I have to adhere to the work job code of white sneakers so thats my reason for picking these. I am also thinking of another pair.



and these are my other choice in sneakers. I know don’t you just love these with the pink on them. I really like these! I have such a hard decision to make with these. I really wish I could buy both pairs! But seeing as I don’t have that option I better get to choosing! I will let you guys know which sneakers I decided to go with!



Comfort Sale! $29.99 and Up! Available for Men and Women!

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