NBA Lockout… Will there be a season this year??



First was the NFL Lockout now the NBA Lockout. Will the players and owners ever agree on the contracts.  The Lockout not only affects player but also the community and the people who work at the stadiums and other staff that keep the game going. If there is no agreement these people will not have a job and it will hurt the NBA rather than help them at all. I understand that the players want equal rights and privilages and I agree that they should stand up for what they think they deserve. My only concern is that they get together and agree so that both sides can move on.. We must have our Basketball! What will we do with out it! If no agreement is made in the coming days it looks like some games will be canceled and the season cut short for our NBA  teams.  Come on guys lets get it together and LET THERE BE BASKETBALL!


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