Bucket List Fun… Race Car Driving at Road Atlanta In the New Cadillac CTS


I must say that my need for speed ended me up at the Road Atlanta Speedway in Braselton,Ga. I decided to get started on my bucket list and enjoy the beautiful weekend in North Georgia at the same time.  I got the opportunity to hit the supercharged VES Cadillac CTS and man o man was it fast! We started early in the afternoon with a couple of classes to teach us how to hit the curves correctly and how not to understeer and oversteer in deep curves.  I was more than willing to get on the road and test these bad boys out! The first go round I was nervous getting into this $70,000 car and going as fast as I could and making sudden stops. But I quickly got over that after the first round of drag racing.




When we finally hit the tracks to go around I felt like I was ready for the Indy 500..lol Well until I hit those curves. Those curves can make you or break you when it comes to driving them and completing them without flipping over. Its pretty hard to hit a curve going 80 miles an hour and not flipping over! We learned that at certain points in the curve you should break and at another time you should “squeeze the gas as they told us. The Cadillac CTS coupe is an awesome car to help you get around those curves and it picks up a lot of speed. I managed to get to 125 as the highest speed, but the fastest you can go would be 191mph in the CTS Vseries.  When it was time to go let me tell you, I was so sad to have to get back in my practical Honda Accord and ride the speed limit home. The Cadillac is definitely a luxury vehicle and they have every thing you can think of inside and out.






Well after this experience today I definitely know what my next vehicle will be and it will defintely be a Cadillac!

P.S. I wanna give a shout out to my new friends Donna and Edward from Asheville North Carolina! We had such a great time!!

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