Relax and Unwind…An Afternoon Toast



Thank Goodness my weekend has finally slowed down and now I can unwind a bit. Working a fulltime job and a home business is a lot to handle and it seems as if there is no time to do any of the things that I want to do .. all in two days of course.  I have had to implement rules and times that I can do things so that I may have a quick moment to relax and unwind.  While thinking of ways to unwind I decided to do an afternoon Toast where I will feature a special drink to  help unwind a busy day and or weekend as I seem to have.  Its seems lately I have been going nonstop and  sitting down at my computer is probably the closest I get to unwinding…Sad I know.. lol but I have been on some serious missions lately and things have to get done one way or another.

So when its time for you to relax and unwind with a drink what is your drink of choice? a nice wine? a nice cocktail?  let me know what your drink of choice is and if its a cocktail whats the recipe? I would love to try a new drink and introduce it to my readers too!

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