Weekend Adventure at Uncle Shucks Corn Maze


This weekend my good friend Donna from Brown Girl Next Door invited me to hang out with her for her birthday!  So a group of us decided to head up to Uncle Shucks Corn Maze. I thought this would be something fun to do and very different. When we got there, there wear hundreds of people there with their kids  and plenty of activities to get into. They had pony rides, and face painting along with the hayride and the corn maze. For the corn maze they had two different mazes, one was 3 miles and the other was 1 mile. Since we were new to this we decided to take the 1mile maze and let me tell you it was very hard following that map that they gave us! We managed to get to all of our check points though and we found our way back out of the cornmaze before it got dark.  We also managed to catch a ride on the hay ride which  I was a little disappointed but it was still fun nevertheless.  My overall experience in the corn maze was quite fun! I would definitely recommend if you want to try something different.








The last thing we saw as we were leaving

To find out more information about the cornmaze and there hours of operation check out www.uncleshuck.com

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