Exercise vs Diet Getting Rid of the last 12lbs

My weightloss challenge has been a rather quick journey thanks to changing a few eating habits. I started at first going to the gym and walking at the park on my lunch break. The secret is to get moving and never stop for me. After doing that I also increased my water intake and concentrated on drinking atleast 64oz of water daily. Now don’t get me wrong it took a lot of getting used to with trying to guzzle down that water. But I found out that my body reacts so much better when I am hydrated and it really makes a difference in your skin, hair and over all health. It also allows you to not eat so much and keep the kidneys clean.  So back to my last stretch to the weightloss challenge. I have a total of 12 lbs to go before I reach my goal that I set back in August. I have had a pretty amazing couple months knocking off this weight and now I am trying to push to the finish line.  losing weight the natural way has been a challenge and now I have to figure out a way to push past my plateau.  So instead of just exercise  or just diet I am going to do both and see how far I can get.


My plan is to exercise 2 times a day and to include grapefruit into my diet with every meal. I believe that this will help aid me in losing the rest of the 12lbs that remain in the way of me getting to my goal. Not to mention my reward for losing weight is a trip to Jamaica next spring! I am dying to go to Jamaica and lay on the beautiful white sandy beaches. I have been trying to get to Jamaica for about 3 years now and I decided that I would make it happen by losing weight and saving up for this fantastic trip with all my girlfriends.  So what are some tips that you can give me to help me lose the last 12lbs so I can go on my trip to Jamaica? What things are you doing to lose weight?


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