On the New Music Radar Jeezy’s New Single F.A.M.E featuring T.I.

Two of my favorite Rap artist are back and they are back  better than ever! I am so feeling this colabo of Jeezy and T.I.. Both have a way of telling the story from the streets and lesson they have learned in life. If ever I had a chance to put two rappers together right now it would defintely be these two. With T.I just out of “vacation” I know that he has been going hard at getting back out on the road and continuously building his empire.  Jeezy has been laying low too for the past couple of years but it was no “vacation” for him. He has been collabing with others the past couple of years and grinding in the streets to keep up and be a magnifier to what is happening in the streets.  With these two” Atliens” back the rap game will be back  stronger than ever for the south once again. One thing I want to know from these and I hope I get the opportunity to do this is ask them “what drives you?” Im always interested to know what keeps them up at night and motivates them to keep going even after all the money has been made.. Just a thought from a woman who admires men with a lot of drive……

Well with all that being said check out the new single from Young Jeezy featuring T.I. called F.A.M.E ( Fake A** Mutha F***Envy)



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