Hanging out with the Girls and Shopping equals bliss!


Last weekend some friends and I got a chance to go to the outlet mall in Dawsonville. What a treat that was to finally get to go shopping. Not that I had planned on shopping or anything?? After we finished our corn maze we headed over to the outlet mall to just “look around”. Well while looking around I spotted one of my favorite stores Wilsons.  I absolutely love that store and for whatever reason I always find great deals when I go in there.  As we walked in I stumbled across some very nice leather jackets and of course I was not going to leave the Outlet mall without a bag!! So I bought a new leather jacket. i love it too it is just what I needed for a different type of look and a different color too. And after buying that jacket I really didn’t feel bad either I was soo happy to have a new piece of clothing in my closet! what is it about shopping that just makes the whole world seem like a happier place??  And on top of that getting such a great bargain so maybe thats why I didnt feel so bad?? who knows. lol

Check out my fun filled weekend with some of my girlfriends and me sporting my new jacket too!





 hummus with lamb very tasty!





the birthday girl my friend Nona!


My fellow blogger friends from TractherTrailher and The Coupon Diva

see I did do a good job on this jacket.. I am satisified  for now… But I will keep an eye out for some new heels.

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