Reaching My Weightloss Goal during the Holidays #NaBloPoMo


This month is going to be a challenge for me. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year but this year it is different. Normally I am not watching what I eat because I like to enjoy all the cooking and the food that my family makes during this season. But not so much this year as I am trying to lose these last agonizing 15 lbs.  I really am trying to push past this plateau that I always create for myself when I reach this same point. year after year I get all the way down to the same weight and then I lose all my motivation to continue.  So I have gained a new found love for youtube to help keep my motivation going. Today I was reviewing lots of videos of others and their weightloss journeys and I am inspired to keep going and not let these minor setbacks stop me from getting where I need to be.  So I am going to now start working out two times a day instead of once, I think this will help push me past this plateau. I know this will definitely be a challenge but the reward is  going to be so much greater how does Jamaica sound for a reward! yeah I know it sounds great doesn’t it?!?  I can’t wait to  reach my goal and be able to lay out on the beach and relax in my 2 piece swimsuit!


What do you guys use to motivate you to lose weight? what are your rewards?

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