Time for Year End Goal Setting #NaBloPoMo




What is it that you want done before the end of the year? there are only 2 months left in 2011 and time  is moving very fast. I can’t believe all the things I have accomplished this year! Last year this time I was not nearly as amped about a new year and doing the things that I have set out to do this past year!  2012 is going to be an even more exciting year than this year. 2011 was a year of me leaving baggage behind and focusing on what was important and that was me. I included pleasing myself this year and I tell you it has made a difference for sure. I can tell in the decisions that I make daily and the way I feel at night before bed that I am doing me! And to me thats the best way to be. Early in the year  I discovered that living a life with someones elses dreams was not  doing me any good. I also discovered that trying to please others was getting me nowhere and very unhappy fast. When I realized this  I began changing the bad habits of pleasing others and I began making new habits of always putting myself and my happiness above the rest. Now not to say that I am more selfish but I am more comfortable telling people no  if the situation is not best for me.  Sooo what are your year end plans so far? Have you sat down long enough to think about the things that you want to complete in 2011? I sat down tonight and thought of all the things that I want done before the clock strikes midnight on 12-31-11. My list isnt extremely long  but its not very short either. I am going to start working on my list as we speak and keep myself motivated to keep going as long as I can. Living Life is a hard work!



“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Stephen A. Brennan

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