Watch your Money Grow as you Grow #NaBloPoMo


How good are you with money? I am one of those that cringe at the sight of bills and I  hate owing people money! The thought of me owing some one money gets my anxiety way up. It seems thats all I can think about. Paying people I owe. Over the weekend I attended Smart Money Chicks Worth it Money Conference for women. This conference definitely changed my mindset on a lot of things having to deal with money. Yea I know that means my whole life right?  Money affects everyone in one way or another  and we can’t avoid money because it allows us to eat, sleep, and transport where we need to go.  The thing that most Americans have with money is that we don’t know how to save it and watch it grow.  Investing money  to me used to mean taking high risk and maybe not seeing enough money in the end if the market crashes.  But let me just say that this weekend definitely changed my outlook on that! I realized that there are several different risk that you can take and still watch your money grow.  Meaning you can take moderate risk in more bonds than stocks. Investing in stock only is a much higher risk.   The key point is that you should invest for longterm and plan for money for retirement.  Having a plan will make everything so much easier in the long wrong and will make living a life you deserve so much better.   I encourage all of my friends to sit down and take a financial biography of what your spending habits are.  Then talk to a financial advisor and start saving for your retirement!


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