Actions speak louder than words… #NaBloPoMo



Do you know people that talk the talk but can’t walk the walk?  What about people that actions are great but the don’t say much?  I am one of those who doesn’t have to be in the spotlight yet I can still shine. I allow my work and the activities I take part in speak for me. I have noticed that the ones making the most noise are the ones doing nothing. The ones that are all in your face and saying what they can do are the ones that do nothing. I know it may not be true about all people but just in my experience I have ran across a lot of  big talkers  and they all turned out to but just that talkers.   So what do you do when you have some one who talks too much and doesn’t know how to back it up?  I simply look over them and when their actions start to line up with their words then I can begin listening to them.

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