Being Nice even when it hurts to be nice…. #NaBloPoMo


Being nice even when you don’t want to is a sign that you are mature and can handle any situation in a proffesional manner. Let me just say as mad as I get as customers some times my anger never shows to them because I know the importance of being nice and handling yourself in a professional manner. Now don’t get me wrong when they leave I have a few choice words but they never hear me.  When you show your professionalism it shows others that you can handle any situation that is put in front of you.  Many times when you work with people there will be disagreements and someone will fly off the handle at some point but it is up to you to be the bigger person and maintain a cool composure through out the situation.  What will you solve if both of you are yelling and angry? Nothing at all because both parties will be so eager to get there point across that they will not stop to hear one another.  How do you handle situations where you have to be nice even when you don’t want to??


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