Feel Good Friday…. Lets Go Wine Tasting!


Ok guys its time to try out some new wines for the fall! I love going to wine tastings and learning about all the different types of wines to drink. Its amazing how the wine makers create such aromas and exquisiteness in each bottle.  One of the things that I learned with wine tasting is that you have to look,smell,taste to get the full effect of each wine. So what are you looking for? You are looking for the color and clarity of the wine that you have just poured in your glass. Doing this helps with telling how old or young a wine is as well as seeing any sediments that may be in the wine.


Another thing that you can do when wine tasting is to smell the aroma. Some wines will have a fruity smell, others may have a flower smell or even an oak smell to it. The wine should have a pleasant smell  and after you swirl the wine in your glass and sniff for 10 to 12 seconds you should have a good idea about the wine you are about to enjoy. The last thing that you do is the tasting part.  Taking a small sip on the first taste is key and you should let the wine roll around your mouth so that you taste buds can get the full effect.  After that first sip you should check for the after taste of the wine also. The wine will have a light after taste or a heavy after taste that last  a bit longer. Some wines will have a bitter after taste while others will be sweet. Deciding which you prefer is up to you, that’s why they call it wine tasting!

The process of wine tasting is wonderful and when you add that and friends to the fun it makes it an enjoyable Feel good friday!

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