UM New Music Radar: DMX turns to Gospel HipHop for comeback #NaBloPoMo





Rapper DMX is back, but this time he is in the Gospel Hiphop  Genre.  We all Remember DMX from his hits in the late 1990s and early 2000’s. He has had a lot of issues in the past few years with drugs and being locked up. Recently on Dr. Drew Dmx revealed about his drug use at a young age and the time he spent locked up. He also revealed that he had escaped jail in 1988 and was not sentenced more time. He says this is when he realized that God was looking over him.  He says that he hopes to stay out of prison this time and spend more time raising his kids. He also reveals that he has 10 kids.  Which I had no clue he was bearing that much fruit! But it is nice to see him back out there and doing something different. gospel Rap may be just what he needs to keep him out of trouble now!

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