Losing weight and feeling great! #NaBloPoMo



So I  have implemented a two workout a day plan and it actually worked! I lost about 4lbs with in the first 8 days and I was not nearly eating the right foods. Just think of how much I would have lost by following my healthy eating habits. I was trying to wait til the end of the month before I jumped on the scale but I couldn’t help myself! I was so ready to see if all my hard work was going in vain or was it really working. So now that I have seen what working out can do for sure I am going to keep up with the 2 workout a day plan until I reach my goal. I promised myself though I would give myself a 2 day break each week so that my body can rest a little.  With the holidays coming up I know Im gonna have to workout extra hard so that I don’t add any weight before the end of the year. The goal is to lose not gain inches so I must stick with my plan. So so far so good! I will continue to keep you guys posted on my weightloss and I will let you know how I did over the Thanksgiving holiday (my favorite one!)

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