Year End Goals the Pressure is on! #NaBloPoMo


I am feeling the stress as December comes up.. Why is that? Because all of my list of goals that I have pushed back month after month have yet to be done. I seem to just keep adding on to that list as well everytime I finish one thing I add something else to the mix. Why do I do that?? I have yet to understand that but I am continuously working everyday to make that list a little shorter each day. I wonder will I ever be able to finish it?? Maybe not but I do want to get very close to finishing it thats for sure!  Now I’m on to the task of making sure that the things that I want to get done gets accomplished.  So that means sitting down and deciding what can wait til next year and what can’t wait. I have to give my self a lot of credit though I  have atleast started on most of my things on my Year End Goal list. I am just working on finishing them up so that I can mark them off my list and being done!  This year has definitely been a year of doing new things and making a difference in my life and others around me. I am hoping for the same next year with even better results!

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