Michelle Obama’s new book set to release April 2012 #NaBloPoMo








Mrs. Obama is dedicated to having families develop a healthly lifestyle. She has a new book coming out in April called American Grown . The book will discuss families and developing healthy habits for the family. The book will also incude tips on growing a garden of any size as well as some delicious recipes to try. I am so glad that Michelle Obama is focused on the health of our youth and is an active participate in helping the youth with her (Lets Move Campaign) .  I believe that Michelle has changed many of the youths outlooks in life as far as having healthy eating habits. Now if she could just get across to these parents and schools that are giving our kids such unhealthy foods!  Keep it up Mrs. Obama!  Be sure to pick up her book in April 2012 ,  Im sure she will make the best seller list with this book! Lets support the First Lady!

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