Learning Meditation and the Benefits of Meditating #NaBloPoMo




In my new series called Getting your mind right I am going to discuss on occasion some ways to improve your mental health as well as mine..lol You guys know I won’t be talking about it unless I am trying it for myself.  So to start off this series I will be talking about Meditating and the benefits of it.


Meditating can lead to a less stressful life when used properly. I am discovering that meditating daily helps me to maintain balance through out my workday.  As I did a little research on meditating I have learned that there are many benefits of meditating. Some of them include lowering blood pressure, curing  migraines and headaches, and also enhancing the immune system. With just these 3 benefits I am sold on the idea of meditating and seeing how my life changes.  Meditating on Joyfulness and peacefulness makes the body calmer and enhances the positive vibrations around you.  Are you letting to much negativity in your life?   Meditating decreases the negativity that you feel and makes you more aware of the positive vibes around you.  In my research about starting meditation and its benefits, one thing is clear that meditating is the way to go to find your true self.  I found that there were more advantages to meditating than disadvantages.

Read this great article on 100 benefits of meditating here

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