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Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton



So this show is definitely on my list of go to’s on my  DVR line up. If you haven’t seen it you really should. If you work in an office type environment then you really need to see it. If you work in the office supply industry and haven’t seen it. Oh my gah why not?! I have worked in both an office building AND an office supply company. Both of the experiences are so similar to what goes on in The Office. I find it so hilarious how they are able to create characters that are exactly like people in my very office and yet they are so exaggerated they are almost not believable. It is like they pull out all of the quirky traits of every person that works in my office and then they make it the main trait of each character on the show. Each week they are going to do something random but not too crazy. All of the things that they do are things that a real office might do. For example they had a basketball playoff game in their warehouse. They have had field days and office holiday parties. The best episode I ever saw was when Jim and Pam got married. Everyone in the office assumed that they were invited to the wedding and it all turned in to hijinks. Go check it out right now!







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