Tips for Losing Weight during the Holidays #NaBloPoMo







Losing weight during the holidays seems like it is virtually impossible. With all the holiday parties and cakes and family gatherings and not to mention gifts that we receive. It seems overwhelming right? But the good news is it doesn’t have to be! There are several things you can do  to help keep your waistline at the minimum this holiday season.


Eat before you head to holiday parties this can help keep you from loading up on unnecessary   calories and you will be less likely to over eat.  With all the goodies on the table it is easy to over indulge but taking the necessary steps to avoid overeating will help you tremendously. Be sure to try and eat healthy foods during this time. Even if the cakes and pies are calling your name you dont have to answer to all of them. Choose one dessert if you must have something sweet and stay away from the table.


Don’t Drink all your calories  Cocktails can have a lot of empty calories and if you have one too many drinks, your waistline will surely start to grow.  Opt for lighter cocktails and only have one or two. Be careful on the Eggnog too they have a load of calories in them!


Get Some Excercise in between shopping and parties  With all the events going on Im sure it is easy to forget to exercise. Be sure to add a few minutes in your day to get some exercise. It doesn’t have to be weightlifting or hours on end at the gym. Even a 30minute brisk walk can help you stay on track with your weightloss.  Just be sure to get some exercise in during the holidays.

Drink plenty of water staying hydrating during the winter months is also important. We think just because it is cold that we dont have to drink as much water. This is not true we still have to keep our bodies with plenty of water. So be sure to get the recommended amount of water so that you don’t become dehydrated.

These are just some tips that I use during the holidays to help maintain my weightloss during the holidays. Do you have anymore suggestion? I would love to know what you do to keep the pounds off during the holidays.

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