Atl Baller Beauties News: Balling!! NBA set to Kick off Christmas Day #NaBloPoMo






NBA has settled an agreement to start the new season on Christmas Day. Basketball Training camps will start up December 9th 2011. Finally we got some basketball to watch this season. I really didnt think the guys were going to get it together this year but so glad they did. They reached their agreement of a 66 game season this year.  So what media frenzy will be had for this season?? Will LeBron James create some noise in Miami this year? Will the Lakers be ready to come back hard in this short season. I sure hope these guys have be staying in tip top shape during this lockout. I would hate to see them looking out of shape on the court. They have had plenty of time to get there game tighten up so this season should showcase a lot of talent.  Will you be tuned in to the game this season?

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