Discovering Arts and Crafts for Christmas: The Creative side of Me


So I have been channeling my inner arts and crafts energy this week! I decided to make a Christmas wreath to hang in my office at work. I was sent out to actually buy a wreath but the wreaths now days are so expensive! So I decided to make one myself and it only cost me 11 bucks to make!  I was definitely like a kid in the candy store when I went in the arts and craft store recently. I bought a lot of things that hopefully I will get to use very soon.  the wreath project took me all of 45 minutes to complete. Armed with a glue gun I began to slowly put together my master piece and let me just say it felt great! I felt like i was creating something like no other(which Im sure there are others that were better but i was proud).  But I must give credit to my mom for all of her creative talents. Last year my mom was gracious enough to make me a wreath for my first Christmas in my new home. After she showed me how to place the ornaments on the wreath and glue the pieces on there I figured it shouldn’t be too hard to do myself. And I was absolutely right about that!



Check out my mom last year wth the cut wreath she made for my house! isn’t it cute!!


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