Party Party and More Parties for the Holiday Season Hosting Tips





I have had the most fun this weekend with all of these parties and hosting! It really is an art to being a great host for parties and it takes a lot of organizing too!  When Hosting parties be sure to send proper invites out to your guest in enough time so that they may put it in their schedules.  Timing is everything when it comes to throwing parties around the holidays.  If you pick the wrong date it can put a damper on your plans and the amount of people that will attend your event. Also when it comes to decorations i feel like if you put your Christmas tree up then you have got it made. No need to sweat doing a lot with decorations, the more simple the better.  The last tip I would give for holiday parties is to have a plan of actions such as entertainment, the menu set and guest arrival times. Having this in place can save you a headache and allow your party to be a successful one!

Here are some other tips  for you to use during the holidays

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