24 Hours of No Complaints: The Results












I may have lost my mind for a second on this, but I challenged myself to a full day of no complaints. Let me just say this is a lot of hard work! I started my day off saying my affirmations and setting my day off to a great start. For those of you who don’t know what affirmations are they are positive words to keep you focused  and maintain a positive way of thinking through out your day.  I have just started doing affirmations and they make a world of difference as to how you start your day.   So I made it through the day pretty good with my no complaints but it was of course at the end of the day where I was tested the most. I had several people that on any other day would aggravate the living daylights out of me but today I had to take a step back, breathe, smile and turn my thinking into positive thoughts. This was all done in a matter of minutes and it worked! I learned that thinking more positively about a situation  and coming up with positive solutions for problems makes things a lot better. Sure there were moments in my day where I wanted to beat myself up about things not going my way but I looked at it as a better solution was found and there will be other times when I can implement my ideas and a solutions.  So with that being said I think I am going to  keep up the affirmations and cut down on a lot of complaining because the time that you spend complaining you could have found a solution! hmm something to think about right?


here are some tools I used to help with affirmations  click here

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