Atl Baller Beauties: K. O. Kings Presents Roy Jones Jr. vs Max Alexander








Last Night Roy Jones Jr. was in the building for his resurrection fight. The Event was hosted at the Atlanta Civic Center. Their were people from all around the southeast in the building to cheer on Roy in his first fight in a few years.  Roy’s opponent for the night was Max Alexander and they definitely were the show of the night.   Roy showed us what we had been missing and gave us 10 rounds of entertainment in the ring.

Before the main event of course there were several MMA fights and  a couple of other boxing matches too. My highlight of the night was definitely the 300lb plus boxer they had out there going 6 rounds in the ring. First off I love the sport of boxing and I am a girl so I like to look at the nice bodies while they are taking shots at each other. But let me just say I was really not amused at looking at this man in the ring I was trying to figure out if he was going to pass out from being tired or was the other opponent going to pass out from trying to punch all that fat! Needless to say the other guy won the match which I was hoping that would be the outcome.


Other than that major distraction I would have to say that my first experience at a boxing event was great! Shout out to K. O. Kings for  bringing us some action from Roy Jones Jr.!  And Congrats to Roy on his win last night!



P.S. I can mark this off my bucket list of things to do now! I made it to a professional boxing event yaay!

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