Feel Good Friday: Graduation moments


Today is a special day as I attend one of my family members college graduation.  It makes me think back to the days drawing near of my graduation and how glad I was to get it over with.  I was so stressed out that I couldn’t enjoy the great moments  and the milestone that I had just reached.  As I look back to those memories it was indeed a great time and I wish I had not rushed so many of those great moments that I had. Graduation is a time mostly for parents to celebrate their childs accomplishments and  to the student thats graduating it is almost the greatest achievement  ever! Taking all those test and exams  that seem to be never ending is a great relief!  While the early years you can never regain from college you can definitely look back and savor some of the great memories and friends that you met during that time.  So to all you fellow graduates !  Congrats on a great achievement! Enjoy your Friday!!

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