Challenging myself to a game of Poker





I played poker years ago with my ex but stopped playing it about 5 years ago. I wonder why?? I really enjoyed the game of poker and learning to read peoples faces in order to see what their next move would be.  I even bought a poker video game to play. This was before I learned about online poker {click here}. There is definitely a difference of playing poker face to face versus online thats for sure! Several things come to mind when I think about the difference of playing online poker versus live poker where you can see your opponents.


One thing that you will pick up on is that you can’ t really read peoples face because all you can see is the avatar on the screen. This can help or possibly hurt you if you are big on bluffing or reading people’s faces. Some times you can see how people are going to play on the first round. They tend to show there weaknesses early in the game so you have to watch it carefully to pick up on it.  There are other things that you should know about when playing online poker too such as knowing it is definitely a numbers game! Your odds of winning and knowing who will play what will get easier as you continue to play. Learning to play poker is fun I have discovered and allows you to take chances you wouldn’t ordinarily take!  If you ever get the chance to play or are just curious to learn about it check out some sites on line to help you through the learning curve {click here}




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