Have you caught the Travel Bug yet? Put Traveling on you List of Things To Do for 2012







A few weeks ago I flew out to Houston to visit my family and attend my cousins graduation.  This was the first time I had flown alone so I was very anxious. I had been thinking of all the scenarios that I would encounter bymyself. Needless to say when I arrived at the airport all that nervous energy flew out the window!  As I boarded the plane I began to get excited about my trip and was in shock at the ease of getting there and not waiting in line forever.  As we took off I knew that I had gotten bit by the travel bug and another trip will have to be planned very soon!  I landed in Houston with ease and I enjoyed every minute of my mini vacation! Its a great feeling to be away from home and exploring a new city!  When I got home from my trip I promised myself that I would never wait all year long again to travel!  I got stuck in that line that we love to say..”I dont have enough money to travel”. I have found that there are so many places to discover that are not quite as expensive as you may think. With a little planning and strategy you can make any trip fun and cheap!  So for next year and here on out I am definitely going to make it my business to travel lots and stop making excuse to be stuck at home!

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