Top 13 Life lessons for 2011… what I learned










2011 has been a great year of discovery for me! I have done more this year than i have in the past 3 years alone. So with it being the end of the year I wanted to leave you with some of the lessons that  I came away with for 2011!


1.Create a bucket list and get started marking it off!

2.Don’t let fear of something new stop you from doing it.

3.Faith will make the impossible possible!

4. Networking can save your business!

5.Smile more it can change someones day.

6.Listen to your gut the first time. (that little voice is always right!)

7.Hardwork pays off!

8.Surround yourself with like minded and positive people!

9.Make a plan for yourself.

10. Its ok to have loved and lost. and Great love doesn’t hurt!

11.Learn to have fun by yourself sometimes, its ok to enjoy your own company.

12.Don’t let anyone spoil you parade!

13.Stop complaining and do something !


Indeed I have did quite a lot of learning about myself and others this year. But all was not lost in the year because I gained a whole new perspective of my life and where I want to be in it. So what have you took away as a lessoned learned for 2011? what will you do different for 2012?

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