Weightloss Challenge with Fluffy2Fitgirl.com #teamgetfit


Here we are with a new year what better way to get started than to start off with a weightloss challenge!  A few of my friends and I have teamed up with fluffy2fitgirl.com for their weightloss challenge. I am so glad that I will not be battling this on my own and there are a great group of us that are ready to shed this weight off!   I even got my picture and starting weight posted! Yes I know it that is a huge step for me. I am always shy about telling my weight and try to avoid looking at that number at all possible.  For 2012 I am taking on a new approach and facing this weight head on! My goal is to lose atleast 20 lbs by the end of the challenge which is over in April.  If I happen to lose more I will be happy and if I make my goal I will be happy so its a win win situation for me!!  I know that I am going to have to get some major discipline for myself during these months but with a team of others there to help motivate me I know I can do it!!  Lets go #teamweightloss #teamgetfit

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