Getting Uncomfortable and stepping out of the box #teamnoexcuses



Lately I have been on a self fulfilling search to make my life completely about me and doing what I dream of. The past 2 years have definitely been a struggle for me to face certain facts in my life.. ie (no marriage, no potentials) But during all of this time I have discovered that I have a greater Goal in my life right now. It involves me making my career dreams reality and stepping way out of my comfort zone. I just wonder how many others feel the same as I do with doing things that are totally not you. For me I used to look at certain things as I will never do that or I can’t  do it or any excuse that would keep me from doing it. But as I have gotten older and found that I am just not comfortable being comfortable I am beginning to live a life way better that I would have expected. I have met some amazing people lately that live life on the edge and that has definitely inspired me to live my dreams. It doesn’t matter if its crazy and out of the ordinary as long as its something I want to do.  I see an amazing life all of a sudden as I open up my once closed mind to many opportunities that have been handed to me. I just wonder will I be able to catch up with all of these great  things that I want to  do this year

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