Paula Deen has Type 2 Diabetes?? Will she change how she cooks?



Paula Deen is a woman who loves to cook.. We have seen her on the cooking channels showing us how she “gets down” in the kitchen. Its no secret that she also loves her butter too. But with all of her empire built on that good southern cooking will Diabetes be her downfall or will she shift gears?  I see a whole lot more opening up for Paula Deen as she reveals her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.  I think that a lot of this bad eating and life styles is definitely catching up with a lot of America and now they are seeing the importance of healthy living.  Now if Paula can change her ways Im sure a lot of  us can  change right along with her. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat rice cakes and water,  you can have healthy meals that  are quite tasty too.  Looks like we will see a big shift in what we will be cooking in the coming years. A healthy diet and a dose of exercise is in order for 2012 it seems!  Whats your take on this news?

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